UPDATE: (8/25/14)

Salena’s remains closed this week due to the extensive water damage. We are working as hard as physically possible to reopen our doors, and appreciate all of the notes of concern and offers of help.

We have had 20 something people helping us move forward both yesterday and today (family, friends, co workers, other people’s friends and family!), putting to shame the demolition and repair teams seen on t.v.

Their efforts remind us again what is important in life, and the love surrounding us keeps stopping us in our tracks. Literally. Sometimes society makes us forget that we actually live in a world filled with amazing human beings, and we cannot thank each one enough times to do a “thank you” justice.

For the record, we had to pull out the ceilings, the carpets, and most of the walls, but luckily the kitchen, the electric, and the bar were spared. Now that demolition is done, a company is coming in to dry out everything with special equipment for a few days, and then we can start to rebuild. Best case scenario is September 6, so we will keep you posted.

The upside is that we will be putting new paint on all the walls (Kathy’s murals will go back up!), new carpeting, and a new ceiling. Gotta look for the upsides!